One of the biggest benefits of synthetic turf is that it is low maintenance. However, to promote longevity, it is still important that artificial grass is properly cared for and regular maintenance performed. Keep reading to discover our top tips for keep your lawn looking its best.

Keep Your Artificial Lawn Clean

Like any lawn, synthetic turf will get covered in leaves, dead flowers, sticks and other materials from surrounding gardens. It is important to remove debris regularly to prevent the growth of weeds and drainage problems. Use your hands, a rake, a leaf blower or vacuum.

Spills happen (especially during parties!), and while beer, wine and juices etc won’t cause major problems, they should be cleaned up as soon as possible. It’s much easier to clean up a fresh spill than to have to deal with a stain later on. A hose or warm soapy water should do the trick. Other substances such as paints and oils, should be cleaned up immediately with a suitable cleanser to prevent long term damage. A mild degreaser should remove most oil based stains.

You Still Need Weed Killer!

Many of our clients are surprised to hear this, but it is a fact that weeds and moss can still be problematic for artificial lawn owners. How is this possible? Well, drainage holes and the sand infill layer make the perfect environment for weeds to grow. Fortunately, a yearly spray of weed killer is usually enough to keep these nasties at bay. Some of our clients with synthetic turf have even reported that they simply remove weeds by hand or with a rake.

Keep Your Eye on Your Pets

In our experience animals love the feel of synthetic turf. Another bonus is that dogs rarely try and dig holes in it because of its tough backing and sealed joints. However, it is only natural that from time to time your pets will use your pristine lawn as their toilet. The good news is that, as with other substance, animal droppings and wee wash off extremely easily. Again, you can simply use the hose, or wash with warm soapy water. It is rare for odours to build up, however, if you do notice any strange smells, a deodorizer should solve the problem. Ultimately, artificial lawn maintenance is minimal when compared to a real lawn, saving you time and money year after year. 

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