At some point, most of us have considered installing artificial grass (also known as fake grass & artificial lawn). It’s a fact of life that maintaining a lush green lawn is a time consuming and often expensive task. So what’s stopping you from replacing your lawn with an artificial one? Perhaps you’re concerned it won’t look as good as a real lawn. Maybe it’s the cost? Whatever your reason, we’re convinced that once you realise all the benefits of synthetic grass, you’ll never look back.

No watering or Mowing

Does anyone enjoying mowing the lawn?! Well, with synthetic grass you never have to mow again! Forget about weeds too. If the grass doesn’t grow then neither will any other nasties. So pack away that lawnmower and weed spray, sit back and and starting enjoying your lush green lawn today!

A real lawn needs regular watering to keep it in top condition. With our hot, dry summers in Perth, this is even more true. Watering your lawn requires effort, uses up precious resources and also increases your water bill. Solution? Install an artificial lawn and never have to water again! Fake grass only ever requires the occasional clean.

Durable and Safe for Children

Do you or your children suffer from allergies? Grass can be a trigger for many allergy sufferers which is why many schools and councils have already made the switch to artificial grass. It’s also free from pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals that no one wants their kids exposed too. Another benefit of a fake lawn is its durability. Many of our clients in Perth have had their artificial grass last more than 10 years. Now that’s what we call a cost-effective solution!

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